Public offer


Object – a sports and shooting complex used by the Contractor to provide services, consisting of the following shooting areas: a closed shooting range for shooting at fixed targets (up to 300 m), an open shooting range for shooting at moving targets, and two platforms for bench shooting.

Administrator on duty – an employee of the Contractor who directly provides services at the Facility.

Weapons – sports, combat, hunting smoothbore, hunting with a rifled barrel, used by the Performer in the course of paid services.

Customer – a legal entity that undertakes to pay for the services provided by the Contractor and acts in its own interests or in the interests of the person (s) represented by it.

Visitor – an individual who is at least 12 (twelve) full years of age (up to the age of 18 (eighteen) years in the presence of legal representatives-parents, adoptive parents or guardians), who directly uses the services of the Contractor at the Facility.

Rules "security Measures during shooting"– a list of prohibited, permissible, unambiguously required actions From visitors to the Object and Customers, submitted by the Contractor before providing services to the Customer for review under the signature.

Log "Registration of instruction on security measures and handling of firearms and familiarization with the terms of the agreement" – a document maintained by the Contractor in the form prescribed by law, in which each Visitor, having made a signature, confirms the fact of familiarization with the terms of this Agreement and the Rules.

Small area part of the Facility, including Small places and is designed to move Visitors to area wide, depending on the platform for firing from seven (7) meters to 40 (forty) meters, with the possibility of simultaneous presence in the closed dash – up to 3 (three) shooters, in the open dash for shooting at moving targets up to 2 (two), on outdoor poster sites – to 6 (six) shooters.

Shooting place – a place in the Shooting zone intended for shooting by a single shooter, with a width, depending on the shooting area, from 1 meter to 2 meters.

Shooter – an individual, Customer, or Visitor who directly accepts the service under this Agreement, located in the Firing position.

The firing position is regulated by the location of the shooter is permitted to fire, as specified by the administrator on duty.

Anthropometric data is the value of body parameters measured under the conditions of relative immobility of a person, that is, all static parameters such as height, weight, head circumference, arm length, foot size, and so on.

The basic value is an economic indicator that determines the abstract value of the purchasing power of money, which is not associated with the assessment of any specific intangible or material goods and is established by the resolutions of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.


2.1. The contractor shall provide at the Facility to Visitors, the benefit of which is the Customer, to set forth herein the terms of service shooting according to a list of the Contractor referred to in the price list, are presented to the Customer before the signing of this Agreement, the day and time specified in this Agreement.

2.2. The customer or the Visitor can self select the services rendered by the Contractor.
2.3. the Customer undertakes to accept the Act, which is an integral part of this agreement (Annex 1) and pay for the services rendered in accordance with the procedure and conditions of this Agreement.

2.4. The place of provision of services is the Contractor's Facility located at the address: Minsk region, Minsk district, Papernyansky selsovet, 110, district of Semkovo agro-town.

2.5. Schedule: from 9.00 to 18.30 every day without lunch, with breaks for public holidays and public holidays.

2.6. All information about the services and their cost (minimum or fixed) is provided to the Customer before the start of the service by the administrators on duty: in a simple oral form, on the contractor's website, in abbreviated form on paper, directly on the Object.


3.1. the Contractor undertakes to:

3.1.1. Provide services to the User (s) in favor of which the Customer is acting on the terms defined by this Agreement.

3.1.2. Monitor the serviceability of any technical equipment and Weapons on the Site.

3.1.3. Warn the Visitor and (or) the Customer about the possible consequences of improper use of Weapons and any equipment of the Contractor, issue the necessary equipment and equipment for the provision of services.

3.1.4. Inform the Visitor and / or the Customer of important information about the services they require.

3.1.5. Keep secret any information received from Visitors and Customers, their personal data, video and audio recordings with the presence of Visitors.

3.2. The contractor shall be entitled:

3.2.1. To cancel this Agreement unilaterally if the Customer fails to pay for the services in accordance with the procedure established by this Agreement, or if the Visitor reports that he has medical and other contraindications to using the services, or if the Visitor is in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or if the visitor's anthropometric data does not match the characteristics of the Contractor's equipment.

3.2.2. completely or partially interrupt the process of providing services in case of violation of The rules by the Visitor with full payment for the current service and refusal to continue providing services.

3.2.3. Independently determine the amount of compensation for damage or loss of the Contractor's property by the Visitor using the most appropriate method for determining the amount of damage, the most appropriate in each case.

3.2.4.independently determine and set restrictions On the provision of services to the Client, including time limits for the service, for security purposes.
3.2.5. Conduct video and audio recording on the Site, including use for the purpose of User safety, dispute resolution and conflict situations, recording video and audio recording.

3.3. the Customer undertakes to:

3.3.1. Form a preliminary request in a simple, arbitrary written form indicating the number of users in favor of Which it acts and the list of services requested by it and send it by email to the address the Artist.

3.3.2. make an advance payment on the invoice in the amount of 100% for the services provided, issued by the Contractor, after consideration of the preliminary Application.

3.3.3. Comply with the Rules and other provisions set forth in this Agreement, and, if they are violated personally, or by Visitors for whose actions the Customer is explicitly or indirectly responsible (minors, wards, and so on), bear material and other liability under the Agreement, as well as in accordance with the law for violations in full.

3.3.4. prior to receiving the service, inform the Visitors for whose actions they are explicitly or indirectly responsible of the Rules and other essential provisions of the Agreement.

3.3.5. Not to interfere with the procedure for providing services established by the Contractor at the Facility.

3.4. the User undertakes to:

3.4.1. before beginning the provision of services by the Contractor, read the terms of this Agreement, the Rules,and Express your written consent to them in the Journal, making your signature.

3.4.2. Use the Contractor's services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, in compliance with the Rules, safety regulations, and fire safety at the Facility.

3.4.3. in case of damage or loss of the Contractor's property, compensate the damage caused to the Contractor in the amount determined by this Agreement, independently, or at the expense of the Customer.

3.5. Visitor and (or) the Customer is entitled:

3.5.1. Request and receive complete and accurate information about the list of the Contractor's services and their cost.

3.5.2. Receive equipment and equipment necessary for using the Contractor's services.


4.1. the Contractor is responsible to the Customer and the Visitor within the cost of each individual service provided to a particular Visitor.
4.2. if the Visitor or the Customer refuses the service before or during its provision without valid reasons stipulated in section 8 of this Agreement, the amount of the customer's prepayment is not refundable and is held as a penalty in full.

4.3. if the Customer refuses to pay for pre-paid services, which are planned to be rendered in the future, later than 10 (ten) days before the start of their provision, the amount of the customer's prepayment is not refundable and is held as a penalty in full.

4.4. Any opinions, recommendations, or other information conveyed to the Customer and the Visitor in oral or written form by the administrators on duty are their private point of view and do not reflect the views and positions of the Contractor on any issues discussed.

4.5. the Information component of the Contractor's services is entertainment in nature, is not propaganda of violence, and is not aimed at inciting ethnic hatred.

4.6. the Contractor is not responsible to the Customer or the Visitor:

4.6.1. For any real or fictional physical damage received by the User in the course of providing the services, if the User acted in accordance with the Rules, followed the safety rules and the terms of the Agreement.

4.6.2. for refusing to provide services requested by the Customer or Visitor without prior approval (telephone communication, sending e-mail) of the nature of the services and the exact time of arrival of the Customer or Visitor to the Object.

4.6.3. for refusal to provide services caused by the late arrival of the Customer or Visitor to the object (in violation of the agreed time and date of arrival), failure by the Customer or Visitor to fulfill other obligations under the Agreement.

4.7. the Customer, represented by the representative who concluded this Agreement and (or) the Visitor, is fully liable to the Contractor for any damage caused to the Contractor's property, unless it is proved that the damage was accidental.

4.8. the Customer and (or) the Visitor agrees that the services provided by the Contractor, taking into account their nature, even if the Rules are observed, may carry a certain risk in terms of skin lesions (calluses), light skin damage (bruises, scratches, abrasions), hearing and vision disorders that do not entail negative consequences for the Visitor's health in the long term.

4.9. The customer, represented by the representative who concluded this Agreement, and (or) the Visitor shall be liable to the Contractor for the dissemination of false information about the Contractor, the Contractor's Object, or its employees, including defamatory of their reputation, honor and dignity in the amount of at least 10 (ten) basic values, the amount of which is determined at the time when the Contractor became aware of these facts, and if the Customer or the Visitor voluntarily pays this penalty under this Agreement, which does not exclude filing a lawsuit to protect their rights by the injured person.

4.10. by Accepting the terms of this agreement, the Customer, in the person of the representative who concluded this Agreement, hereby confirms that he is a legally capable person who has the necessary authority to create, modify and terminate obligations under this agreement both in relation to himself and the persons represented by him, referred to as Visitors.

4.11.the customer, represented by the representative who concluded this Agreement, assumes all responsibility, including financial responsibility, for any actions or decisions made by Him/her during the conclusion/modification / termination of this agreement or during the provision of paid services. The customer confirms that the health status of third parties who are Visitors under this agreement allows you to receive the full range of services under this agreement, and he (they) do not have any contraindications or restrictions for receiving services under this Agreement.


5.1. The cost of services is determined in accordance with the selected Customer or Visitor facilities in accordance with the price list of the Contractor, or oral agreement governing the final cost of the services and specified in the Invoice, which is an integral part of this agreement.

5.2. directly rendered services without prior approval at the Facility are paid by the Customer in agreement with the Contractor's representative upon their provision on the basis of an additional invoice for payment, which is an integral part of this agreement, in non-cash in Belarusian rubles.

5.3. Payment term additional accounts no later than 1 (one) banking day from the date of delivery, subject to the representative of the Customer or Visitor (lyami), in favor of which the Customer has concluded the Agreement referred to in this case, the responsible entity of mortgage payment in the amount of 100% of the cost of such services.

5.4. the Deposit payment is Made by the responsible person in cash and (or) in a non-cash form of payment (using a Bank card) in Belarusian rubles, indicating the passport details of such person in the additional payment invoice.

5.5. the Deposit payment is Refunded to the responsible person upon presentation of their passport and application for refund in simple written form to the administrator on duty within 1 (one) banking day from the date of receipt of funds to the Contractor's current account to pay for the additional invoice.

5.6. The application for the refund of the security Deposit to the responsible person must contain information about the legal entity, the Customer for whom the security payment was made, the numbers and dates of the Agreement, the amount to be refunded and the method - in cash or by transfer to the card account of the responsible person, in which case, the full Bank details and the card account number required for making such a payment are specified.

5.7. A mortgage payment is considered as a collateral by the Customer to the Contractor and, in terms of conditions not stipulated in this Agreement, governed by Chapter 23 of the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus.


6.1. the Agreement comes into force from the moment specified in clause 2.1 of the Agreement, and is valid until the Parties fully fulfill their obligations under it (including the lack of need for further services of the Contractor from the Customer or the Visitor), subject to the conditions stipulated in clauses 5.2. – 5.7.

6.2. the term of the Agreement for services rendered to the Customer or the Contractor within 1 (one) calendar day expires at the end of the Contractor's work in accordance with the operating mode of the Facility on the corresponding calendar day


7.1. all disputes or disagreements arising between the Parties under this Agreement or in connection with it shall be resolved by negotiations between the Parties in writing.

7.2. if it is impossible to resolve disputes through negotiations, they must be resolved in court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


8.1. Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for non-performance of obligations caused by circumstances that arose beyond the will and desire of the Parties that cannot be foreseen or avoided, including declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, blockades, embargoes, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters, including natural disasters.

8.2. a Party that cannot perform its obligations must notify the other Party in writing of the obstacle and its impact on the performance of obligations under the Agreement within two days from the moment of occurrence of these circumstances. The future fate of this Agreement in such cases must be determined by agreement of the Parties.

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